Iberian Palettes

Ref 2001

Origin: Extremadura

Extensive Regime

Weight: 6.4 kg.


Healing: 18-24 months.


Paleta Iberico pigs from 12 to 15 months old regime bred 
extensively. The Iberian country needs more feeding time for your 
growth and fattening raising the production cost on the Iberian held.

The quality difference is really significant.

Bait Certification Field (extensive regime).


The healing process of the blades is 18 to 24 months. They are then 
transferred to the logistics center where he remains under controlled 
temperature and humidity in Extremadura where it passes on sale.


Recommended Conservation in a cool, dry place.


Ingredients: Iberian Field and Salt


Consume preferably within a year.


Presentation with band. Specify if you want grease wrapped in greaseproof paper and mesh.


Our Company provides fresh Iberian products. To eat well need a varied diet. So Campo & Badajoz included in your selection numerous types of meat and top quality of Iberian pigs reared on the open field and not in cage held. It's the big difference.


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