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From Extremadura, the birthplace of the Iberian pig, the natural habitat of this precious animal that only lives in Spain, and more than 80% in Extremaduda. 

Campo & Badajoz is a brand created to Extremadura's need to sell products directly own their land today transformed and developed by other regions of Spain who buy cattle in Extremadura. 


Livestock keeping is in our own fields, outdoor fully and scattered farms greatness Field & Badajoz.


All animals live in Regime Extensive, highly mobile for growth where they perceive the microclimate of Extremadura, quality of Iberian origin. Main power feed based natural herbs, roots and acorns.

Dehesa Extremadura

This is the big difference with most manufacturers, that the Iberian breed in small cages with almost no mobility for the animal, where it grows quickly without wasting energy, coming in a few months to their optimal weight. Is the quality difference today must differentiate in the market.

New horizons / goals achieved

• Company's expanding customer base. We have great national and international clients.


Sale and distribution of products throughout the country. Main exports to Italy, United Uniido, Germany, EU and foreign countries. Currently expanding export trade agreements, creating new horizons, generating future.

• Top quality, unbeatable value. 

• Professionals in the field of gourmet shops, hotels and restaurants, and now through the internet.


• Direct Extremadura.  Breeding, processing and sale from Extremadura. The microclimate of Extremadura is the most suitable for the breeding of iberian pork and ham curing, Palette and Iberian loin.





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